Thursday, June 9, 2005

The Corporate Compliance Prof Blog

One of the newest members of the Law Professor Blogs network is Professor Paul McGreal's Corporate Compliance Prof Blog.  Paul is the Director of the Corporate Compliance Center, and is the Harry and Helen Hutchens Research Professor and Professor of Law at South Texas College of Law in Houston, TX.  The blog should be of particular interest to many of the hardy band of readers of this blog because so many white collar cases involve issues related to corporate ethics and compliance.  Paul describes his target audience (here):

In short, this Blog is written for anyone interested in the legal and practical issues raised by designing, implementing, and operating a corporate ethics and compliance program.  This audience has many potential members:

  • In-house lawyers whose responsibilities include compliance.
  • In-house non-lawyers whose responsibilities include compliance.
  • Outside lawyers and compliance professionals.
  • Law professors and students teaching and studying subjects related to compliance.

While much of the Blog’s content will deal with legal sources and issues, the Blog will not be written solely for lawyers.  My hope is that non-lawyer compliance professionals will find the content both useful and accessible.

Be sure to check it out, including an outstanding post on the Arthur Andersen prosecution that gives a thorough review of how the case unfolded (with a nice mention of the Houston Astros thrown in). (ph)

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