Thursday, June 2, 2005

Jury Out in Kozlowski

The jury in the Dennis Kozlowski/Mark Swartz case has gone to deliberate.  (See CNN  here)  The question is whether this jury will reach a verdict?  (first time was a mistrial). CNN reports that "Before reaching a verdict, jurors can ask to have more than 16,000 pages of trial transcript read back to them and can pore over 860 exhibits." 

Although they have access to the transcript and exhibits and the Scrushy trial was denied receiving a small piece of testimony, the two rulings are consistent. You can have it all, but you can't have a part that will highlight one specific item or place something out of the context in which it occurred. It should be noted though, that a major difference between these two trials is that Scrushy is a federal prosecution and Kozlowski is a New York State prosecution.


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