Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Another Appellate Reversal

What little remains of Arther Andersen LLP was not the only victor in the appellate courts yesterday.  Daytime television Judge Glenda Jackson's decision in Amanda Robinson v. Maria Bristow, first aired on April 12 and resulting in an award to Robinson of $2,000 for faulty hair care services, was reversed by Judge Joe Brown.  According to a story in The Onion (here): "Judge Joe Brown presides over one of the nation's Syndicated-Television Courts of Appeals. These appellate courts stand between less-watched Cable-Television District Courts, such as Hatchett's, the Divorce Court, and Judge Larry Joe's Texas Justice courtroom, and higher-Nielsen-rated courts. The nation's highest courts, such as Judge Judith Sheindlin's family court, will only hear cases that appellate TV judges have determined raise questions of importance to a network audience."  I suspect this decision was more widely seen than the Court's opinion in Arthur Andersen. (Thanks to Joe Hodnicki on the Law Librarian Blog (here) for noting the decision).

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