Wednesday, May 4, 2005

What is Happening in Education?

If you are concerned about our present education system, I am afraid this post may make you even more concerned.  Here's a sampling of recent education related activities that are of interest to this blog:

The Chronicle of Higher Education today reports here (subscription required) that "A former president of William Tyndale College pleaded guilty on Monday to charges that he had used fraud to obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal financial aid for students at a technical institute that he jointly owned."

The DOJ reported in a press release that "Eric G. Andell, former Deputy Undersecretary for Safe and Drug Free Schools with the Department of Education, pled guilty to a one count information charging him with a conflict of interest in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 208 and 216."  According to the DOJ press release:

" Between November 2002 and September 2003, Andell approved official travel for himself on approximately fourteen occasions to New York, New York; Austin and Houston, Texas, Detroit, Michigan; and Columbus Ohio. Each of these trips was motivated at least in part by Andell’s interest in private personal and financial matters, including his desire to accrue service time toward receipt of a pension from the State of Texas. On each of these trips, Andell conducted some personal business, and certain of his personal expenses were reimbursed by the government. Additionally, as part of these trips, Andell received his government salary for days on which he requested, received, and was paid for sick leave, when in fact he was working as a visiting judge in the State of Texas."

Some of our past posts that related to indictments, pleas, or investigations related to individuals associated with education are here:

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There are many more.  The point here is that even individuals associated with education are not immune from the white collar crime reporting of this blog.


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