Friday, May 6, 2005

SE White Collar Crime Program

The ABA Criminal Justice Section, White Collar Crime Committee, Southeast Region, sponsored a superb program this morning in Atlanta, Georgia.    Co-chairs Marc Garber, Paul Murphy, and Wilmer "Buddy" Parker started the event with a video presentation titled "Lessons from the Front Lines: White Collar Crime Cases After Enron."  (My next email will be to see if I can obtain a copy of this video for my white collar crime classes.)

The first panel titled, "Corporate Cooperation and the Changing Relationship Between Companies and their Employees," had the following panelists: Thomas Bever, Richard Deane, William Mitchelson, Jr., and Paul Monnin. Some of my favorite lines from this panel are:

Rick Deane - when speaking about the Thompson Memo, called it the "Holder Memo on Steroids."

Tom Bever - when cautioning about company counsel, he said, " Company counsel may be assistant attorney general for the government."

- when talking about the power of the government - "Government is able to hold your client's livelihood in the palm of their hand."

Paul Monnin- when discussing the pressures on an AUSA - "To move things along quickly."  "Real time."

Interestingly in the second panel, a panel of government individuals, David Nahmias, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia,  used the term "real time enforcement."  Will prosecutors be pushing to make Atlanta the next "rocket docket" jurisdiction?

USA Nahmias also outlined white collar crime priorities of: corporate fraud, internet crime, mortgage fraud, and public corruption.

Also speaking on the second panel were Katherine "Kit" Addleman (SEC), Greg Jones  (FBI), James Vickery (IRS).     Overall, an excellent program. 


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