Thursday, May 19, 2005

Scrushy Will Not Be A Quick Verdict

Looks like the jury will not be reaching an immediate verdict in the Scrushy case.  According to the Birmingham News here , the jury has asked the court to replay tapes of FBI wired Bill Owens, former HealthSouth finance chief, talking with Scrushy.  Although Scrushy proclaims this as a positive sign, I would imagine that the government also considers this as positive.

Tapes can be very damaging evidence in a trial.  Sometimes it is not the content, but rather the language and description of events that can be a problem to the defense.  On the other hand, the concept of  a snitch wiring him or herself up to talk to someone who is unaware they are being taped is not particularly appealing to some juries.  There can also be problems related to the quality of tapes and their accuracy. 


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