Sunday, May 29, 2005

Rosen Acquittal in Perspective

We reported here the acquittal of David Rosen, former fundraiser for "Senator A."  We noted here the importance of keeping politics out of prosecutions.  We also noted here how those who associate with high profile individuals, such as Hillary Clinton, subject themselves to additional scrutiny.  We asked whether Rosen would be able to "standup to this scrutiny and walk out of the courtroom even after every piece of paper is fully examined."   

And the answer is that David Rosen is able to walk out of the courtroom with an acquittal with a jury speaking loudly an clearly.  (See NYTimes AP story here) And yes, they looked at all the evidence.  Some have wrongly criticized the judge (here)   and perhaps others may now try to criticize the jury.  But the plain fact is that David Rosen was not guilty of the crimes for which he was charged.

Monday morning quarterbacking is in order for prosecutors here.  Why did they bring this prosecution?  Looking at the problems they faced in this case, one has to wonder how well the case was investigated?  Were prosecutors  led astray on the evidence by those with political motivations, that is motivations to try and get "Senator A"?   

Again, as we stated here, politics needs to stay out of the judicial system.  Thankfully, the jury here is above politics.


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