Monday, May 9, 2005

Opening Day of "Senator A's" Fundraiser's Trial

This trial will definitely be a "must watch" for those who enjoy media related trials.  According to the New York Times, "David F. Rosen, the former fund-raising director for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, will go on trial on charges that he illegally underreported the cost of a fund-raiser held for Mrs. Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign." (see here)  The site for the case is LA, and the essence of the case as noted by the New York Times are allegations that Rosen " falsely reported that the gala cost $401,419 when it actually cost at least $1.2 million." 

One has to feel sorry for those who become targets because they are associated with prominent people who are constantly being scrutinized.  On the other hand, one who associates with people of this stature must realize in advance that someone will always be looking over their shoulder on every move they make.  The question here will be whether Rosen can standup to this scrutiny and walk out of the courtroom even after every piece of paper is fully examined. 

On the sidelines of this case you have some who are just ready to jump on any word, phrase, or comment that tarnishes the name of Hillary Clinton.   Interestingly, I have to give the prosecutors in this case applause for trying hard to keep some of the politics out of the case.  The indictment speaks to "Senator A." (see here).


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