Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Let's Stick to the Case- Not Senator A

Unfortunately, it sounds like there might be some outside interference in the upcoming David Rosen trial (reported here) that starts today. Yahoo reports here that "A conservative watchdog group with a history of dogging the Clintons urged a Senate panel on Monday to investigate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton over a Hollywood fundraiser for which a former staffer faces charges." 

The Rosen indictment, however, appears to present a different picture.  There is NO mention in this indictment of Clinton's involvement in any criminal activity  and there is NO mention in the indictment of her overseeing this individual in any criminal activity.   The indictment even goes so far as to omit her name.   

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the Yahoo report is that it reports that "Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton" was "equat[ing] her situation with the ethics controversy surrounding House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, who has been criticized for privately funded travel." We reported on Tom DeLay's financial issues here.

Hopefully, politics will not interfere in the trial of David Rosen, who stands charged with four counts of a 1001 violation.  It's a sad day when politics becomes a part of our criminal justice process.



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