Saturday, May 14, 2005

Another Delay in Scrushy Case

According to the Birmingham News, there is another delay in the Scrushy trial (see here).  Looks like closing arguments will now be on Wed. And an even more interesting question is whether there has been an ethical violation by one of the attorneys in the case. It seems that the Wall Street Jrl article here, contains a statement  that refers to " two lawyers familiar with the case."  The issue involved the dismissal of a juror. It seems that the lawyers involved in the case are all under a gag order that prohibits them from discussing the case with the media. The Birmingham News reports that the judge assembled all the lawyers in the case to make certain that none had violated her order. And it sounds like none have done so. (see Birmingham News Report here)

This  case presents an interesting study of ethics in the courtroom. The judge has issued rulings that demonstrate a strict adherence to proper courtroom conduct.  See here and here.  And now we have the judge stopping to see if a court order has been violated.

There are also other interesting questions to ask here:  Doesn't it seem like lately in a good number of high profile white collar cases, jurors have been removed? Are the number of jurors in excess of the norms from past cases?  And if they are, why might this be happening?


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