Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Latest in Operation Roaming Charge

The government issued a press release today here, describing the latest happenings in Operation Roaming Charge.  Operation Roaming Charge is a national/international government operation focused on telemarketing fraud schemes.  Back in October 2004, the DOJ stated here that 135 individuals worldwide had been arrested as a result of this Operation.  They noted that:

"The ongoing action, known as Operation Roaming Charge, began on Jan. 1, 2004, and involved unprecedented coordination at the national and international levels to combat telemarketing fraud schemes. The schemes uncovered in this operation include every major category of telemarketing fraud: bogus lottery, prize and sweepstakes schemes; offers of nonexistent investments; bogus offers of 'pre-approved' credit cards or credit-card protection; employment and business opportunity swindles; tax fraud schemes; and 'recovery room' schemes, in which criminals pretend to be members of law enforcement agencies who can help telemarketing fraud victims recover some of their losses if they pay bogus 'fees.'"

Today's DOJ press release states that:

"The Justice Department announced today that a federal court in Las Vegas has barred five Nevada men linked to a defunct telemarketing firm-the Las Vegas-based National Audit Defense Network (NADN)-from selling tax fraud schemes and preparing income tax returns for others. The court barred NADN’s former president, Weston Coolidge, of Las Vegas; its former general manager, Alan Rodrigues of Henderson; and Lee Panelli, Jeff Klingenberg, and Ric Klingenberg, all Las Vegas residents. The court also enjoined a related company, ALR, Inc., doing business as Success Matrix Group, from committing the same conduct. "

These actions are an outgrowth of Operation Roaming Charge. 



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