Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Government Indicts Government Agent

No one is above the law?  That sounds like what the government is trying to say in its latest indictment, an indictment against "a Special Agent and Chief Division Counsel for the Charlotte Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)."  "[A] federal grand jury sitting in the Western District of North Carolina in Charlotte, North Carolina, returned a one-count indictment charging" this agent "with making a false statement," a 1001 violation.   According to a government press release here, the indictment alleged that the accused:

"accepted benefits worth thousands of dollars from [   ], a former cooperating witness for the FBI under [the accused's] supervision. According to the indictment, the FBI squad that [the accused] was then charged with supervising was conducting a preliminary investigation of bank fraud and money laundering allegations against [the cooperating witness]. The indictment alleges that specifically, in April and August 2000, [the accused] traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada with [this witness], at [the witness’] invitation. [The witness] was responsible for all of the expenses associated with [accused’s] trips to Las Vegas, and [the accused] allegedly did not pay [the witness] for those costs. [The accused] was required by the Ethics in Government Act to report his receipt of those benefits on an Executive Branch Confidential Financial Disclosure Report. "

According to the press release, the accused is alleged to have failed to properly report the gift and travel expenses on the report and therefore violated section 1001 of title 18.


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