Monday, April 11, 2005

Spitzer At It Again - This Time Drugs

Looks like McKesson may be traveling east in the upcoming weeks. And so too may other drug companies be having their attorneys heading out to New York (or securing counsel in NY to handle possible upcoming matters).  According to a Wall Street Journal article here, several major drug companies have received subpoenas from Spitzer's office.  And it looks like the NY Attorney General is looking at counterfeit drugs that may be entering the market illegally through a secondary market.

Perhaps this is the next project that AG Spitzer will be taking - to clean up the drug industry. And it does not appear that he is looking at drugs as usually seen in state courts - e.g. cocaine, marijuana. The big question is whether Spitzer will move from the insurance industry to the drug industry.  See more in the NYTimes here.

It is pretty frightening to think that drugs in the marketplace might not be the real thing.  But why is Spitzer the one looking at this?


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