Monday, March 21, 2005

"That's My Boy"

The ugly brawl at the Pistons-Pacers game in 2004 has triggered an interesting situation in which the attorney for the fan accused of throwing a chair into a large group that included Pacers players will be called to testify at his (now former) client's trial. Kenneth Karasick is on the prosecutor's witness list because, according to the police, when he was viewing a videotape of the person who threw the chair, he said, "That's my boy."  Karasick denies having said any such thing, stating, "I'll be a hostile witness . . . I'm not going to testify to something I didn't say."  The Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct, like the rules in virtually every other state, prohibit an attorney from being a witness at a client's trial (MRPC 3.7), so the client will have to obtain new counsel.  An article in the Detroit News (here) discusses the prosecution of the various fans and players, including a number of motions that have been filed in the case. (ph)

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