Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Perjury Problems for Barry Bonds?

While current and former baseball players were testifying -- even while not answering questions -- before the House Government Reform Committee last week, a woman who claims she had a long-term relationship with Barry Bonds was testifying before a federal grand jury in San Francisco in connection with the BALCO prosecution that is still pending.  According to a San Francisco Chronicle article (here), Kimberly Bell testified that Bonds told her he used steroids, and gave her $80,000 in cash from autographing baseballs to purchase a house, admonishing her to keep all deposits under $10,000 to avoid currency transaction reporting requirements.  Last December, the Chronicle reported that Bonds told the grand jury that he did not know a substance given to him by his trainer included steroids,and said that he never knowingly took them.  Bell's testimony indicates that prosecutors are focusing on Bonds and, like Chris Webber before him, may be considering perjury charges (in addition to tax charges if the money was not reported, much like the charges against Pete Rose and Duke Snider among others). (ph)

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