Monday, March 21, 2005

Legal Ethics Conference

The Association of American Law Schools will be hosting a Workshop on Legal Ethics in a New Millennium: New Practice, New Rules, New Visions, on June 12-14 in Montreal in conjunction with mid-year meeting (workshop announcement here). John Dzienkowski on the Legal Ethics Forum [a very interesting blog that those interested in the area of professional responsibility should check out here] raises an interesting point (here) about the location of the Workshop and its accessibility to teachers of Professional Responsibility (which includes the co-editors of this blog):

I have attended the AALS workshops in the past and find them to be very high in quality, however, I do criticize the AALS for the high cost of attending the conference which ranges from $430-$480.  I believe that the AALS should hold substantive workshops at a member law school site.  In today's world of law school promotion, there should be a queue of schools willing to host conferences for no fee, perhaps even with a complimentary reception and/or dinner.  The cost of hosting such a conference would be far lower than the brochures that schools send out each US News season to increase the school's exposure to voting faculty.  And, the benefit would be far greater to the hosting school.  How many of those brochures make it past the mailroom trash can?

While the AALS Annual Meeting is well attended, I'm not sure the mid-year meeting draws as large a crowd, and with the cut-backs in state funding at a number of law schools, it is difficult to get financial support to attend a conference such as this, including travel expenses, etc., on top of the fee. (ph)

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