Friday, February 4, 2005

Plea in AntiSpam Law Case

In our post of December 22, 2004 we told of the refusal "to accept a plea agreement involving a former AOL employee who sold e-mail addresses in violation of the recently enacted Can-Spam law."  But things seem to have changed.  The Wall Street Journal has an article here  telling about the judge's decision to now accept a plea in this case.

The case emanates from Operation Web Snare (see here).  The DOJ reported that the defendant and another individual were charged initially with "conspiracy charges" "arising from their scheme to steal AOL’s entire subscriber list, and to use the list to send massive amounts of unsolicited commercial emails-- also known as "spam" -- to millions of AOL’s customers."  Because it was considered "one of the first" cases under the Can-Spam law, it was closely watched.   



Update: Criminal Information here (U.S. v. Smathers)

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