Friday, February 18, 2005

Head of Support Dog Group Indicted

The United States Attorneys Office for E.D. Missouri indicted the former director of Support Dogs, Inc. a service organization that trains support dogs. The allegations  go to "fraud charges in connection with an alleged embezzlement of over $400,000."  The press release of the U.S. Attys. Office states:

"According to the indictment, between September 1998 and January 2004, Hansen was the Executive Director of Support Dogs, Inc. As part of his responsibilities, Hansen oversaw fund raising activities at Support Dogs and regularly made presentations and passed out brochures soliciting donations for Support Dogs. Between January 1999 and January 2004, the indictment alleges that Hansen wrote checks on Support Dogs’ operating accounts and used these funds for his personal use. Hansen concealed this fraud on the books and records of Support Dogs in several ways, including using "white out"to alter cancelled checks, removing cancelled checks, and creating phony receipts in Support Dogs’ files.

As a further part of the scheme, as alleged in the indictment, in July 2002, Hansen opened a bank account in the name, "Support Dogs for the Handicapped, Inc." Hansen then allegedly intercepted donations mailed to Support Dogs and deposited them into this new account, which he used for his own benefit.

Finally, the indictment states that in May 2001, Hansen added his wife to the Support Dogs payroll, even though she was not an employee. Between May 2001 and January 2004, ADP created checks payable to Hansen’s wife drawn on Support Dogs' payroll account."


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