Friday, February 4, 2005

Across the Country

The big east coast and deep south white collar cases (Ebbers, Kozlowski, and Scrushy) continued yesterday, all still in the prosecution portion of the case.  And it looks like the prosecution has quite a bit more to present in these three cases.  For an update on specific testimony presented, check out the "CEO Blotter, Corporate Execs In Court"  found on the Atlanta Jrl-Const. website.  It sounds like the prosecution had some difficulty in the Ebbers trial (see here and here).

On the west coast, the trial of Richard Hawkins, former CFO of McKesson, continued yesterday with more prosecution evidence.  This trial, however, appears to be in the final stages of the prosecutor's case. (see here).

All of this, and I haven't even mentioned cases that may be forthcoming from investigations related to Enron.  It sounds like things are building up in that corner of the country as a title of an article in the LA Times this a.m. is  "Tapes Reveal Enron's Power Plant Rigging."


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