Friday, February 18, 2005

Ebbers, Scrushy, & Kozlowski

Ebbers - It was probably not a day that witness Scott Sullivan truly enjoyed, as defense attorney Reid Weingarten was asking the questions.  This appears to be the witness that will make or break the government's case. (see more AP)  And it may come down to whether the jury thinks Scott Sullivan was doing everything at the direction of Bernie Ebbers.  (see more here)  So far we have Sullivan admitting that he "knew it was against the law."

Scrushy- More talk about "family,"  although not the kind with parents and children. The defense continued to place the blame on a group referred to as the "family" with claims that this group "hid [the conduct] from Scrushy." (See more here)

Kozlowski - The jury head the testimony of Mark D. Foley, a  former senior vice president of finance.  (See more here)

Addendum to Ebbers- Title of Wall Street Journal article of this a.m. says it all - "Burden of Proof
Linking Ebbers to the Fraud At WorldCom Proves Difficult


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