Sunday, January 23, 2005

What's Happening at MedQuist?

The latest in the government's scrutiny into healthcare appears to be occurring at Medquist.   According to a Washington Post story, "MedQuist Gets Subpoena in Massachusetts," "[t]he U.S. Attorney's Office for Massachusetts has subpoenaed records from medical information services company MedQuist Inc. seeking documents related to its dealings with both governmental and non-governmental customers." The article notes that "MedQuist also said it continues to cooperate with the Securities and Exchange Commission's ongoing investigation in the matter." 

Agency Investigations add a component to white collar cases that one does not find in a typical street crime investigation. What was originally an agency investigation by the SEC, now is a subpoena request by DOJ.  One has to wonder if the SEC has referred this matter to the DOJ for investigation or whether this is an independent investigation?


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