Sunday, January 9, 2005

Ken Lay's Web Media Campaign

A post on Jan. 5 (The "Honest-but-Ignorant CEO" Defense) discussed former Enron CEO Ken Lay's defense against federal charges, including the use of a website to get his message across.  An article in the Houston Chronicle (Jan. 8) indicates that Lay is paying to have his website be a sponsored link on Google, AOL, and Yahoo whenever certain search terms are used.  According to the article:

Put the search words "Enron scandal" or "Ken Lay," or even this Enron reporter's name, "Mary Flood," into any of the above search engines and one of the first things you will see is If you hit on Lay's Web site from there, then Lay pays between roughly 5 cents and 12 cents.

"I want people to understand Ken Lay's position. I said that if we were going to do a Web site at all, do it so people can find it," said Lay's Houston lawyer Mike Ramsey.

Give it a try. (ph)

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