Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Who Did Richard Hatch Think He Was Fooling?

The CBS Morning News reported on the plea agreement of Richard Hatch, the winner on the first season of Survivor, for failing to report the $1 million he earned on the show's first season (along with another $321,000 paid by a Boston radio station).  Survivor is a CBS program, and its next season starts on February 17, so the timing here (for publicity purposes) could not be much better. 

Among those interviewed (and in the report on CBSNews.Com) was Joel Podgor, a CPA and (more importantly) brother of co-editor Ellen Podgor:

But CPA Joel Podgor of Holtz Rubenstein Reminick commented to CBS News Correspondent Trish Regan on The Early Show Wednesday that he finds it "shocking that somebody wouldn't report the income when it's so blatant and obvious and it's all over the TV that he earned it."

Joel is a forensic accountant who does work for, among others, law firms dealing with possible accounting fraud and litigation-related issues.  He's now more famous than his sister, who is already quite well known. (ph)

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