Monday, January 24, 2005

Helping Out Dad at the Tyco Trial

An article in the Wall Street Journal (Jan. 21) discussing the retrial of former Tyco International Ltd. executives Dennis Kozlowski (CEO) and Mark Schwartz (CFO) points out that Koslowski's daughter, Sandy, has joined the defense team as a voluntary associate.  She is a recent graduate of the Columbia Law School.  The article notes: "Austin V. Campriello, one of Mr. Kozlowski's lawyers, told the judge that they had previously approached prosecutors about allowing them to use some of Mr. Kozlowski's frozen assets to pay her for work on the case. Prosecutors at the time said that was an 'absolute nonstarter,' Mr. Campriello told the judge."  The first trial was quite contentious, even by criminal standards, and the relationship between the defense lawyers and prosecutors apparently remains frosty.

The article also discusses the background of the four jurors selected: "In the fourth day of jury selection, a building superintendent who hopes to one day become an English teacher, a psychiatric nurse who sings opera, a New York City employee whose brother has served jail time on robbery charges and an elementary school cafeteria worker were chosen as the first panelists in the retrial. Two have previously served on juries in criminal cases."  The first trial ended when a holdout juror who allegedly gave an "OK" sign to the defendants received a threatening letter after being publicly identified.  Given the slow pace of jury selection in the second go-round, estimates of a four-month trial may be on the low side.  (ph)

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