Friday, December 10, 2004

The Latest in the Enron Cases

114 people is quite a number for a conspiracy, but that is what the government claims as the number  who are co-conspirators with Jeffrey Skilling, former Enron Corp. President and CEO.  And they may add more names to the group.   

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, titled "Skilling Seeks to Name Names,"   Skilling's attorneys want to disclose the names and the government wants them to be keep secret. As the article notes, this is somewhat unusual as people who learn that they are included in the 114 may not want to converse with defense counsel upon learning that the government thinks they might be part of a conspiracy.  But with this many people, 114 +, one has to wonder if the government is claiming that they are all part of the same conspiracy or were there several different conspiracies. If all are part of the same conspiracy this must have been quite an agreement.  A large conspiracy gives the government many benefits on providing a wider range of evidence at trial.   On the other hand, this may prove to be a VERY long trial.

Skilling's attorneys also moved for a change of venue from Houston, something that seems very appropriate considering the prominence of Enron and the location of so many individuals who were injured by events there.


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