Monday, December 27, 2004

No Gift From Spitzer?

In the post of December 26th we noted that the NYTimes was reporting that Spitzer might turn over investigations to the feds.  Well, looks like Spitzer says NO! In an article in todays Wall Street Journal, titled "Spitzer Affirms Tough Tactics Are Here to Stay" it states that "[a] spokesman for Mr. Spitzer said, '[t]here was confusion about a pretty obvious statement Mr. Spitzer made, which is that the SEC is re-energized.'"  The NYTimes correction says that the article "left an incorrect impression that he had spoken of ceding existing investigations to federal regulators -- as opposed to recognizing a reinvigorated federal role in new investigations." Did Spitzer give a holiday gift and now its being returned, or was there no gift to begin with?

P.S. A Spitzer advertisement comes up when you do a search on the NYTimes correction and new article.  Obviously linked to the name.


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