Saturday, December 11, 2004

More Atlanta Indictments

In an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution titled, "Top Officials Indicted in Morris Brown Fraud," we find  federal prosecutors in the Northern District of Georgia busy again. Recall the Nov. 17th post discussing the indictments of former state superintendent Linda Schrenko and Former Mayor Bill Campbell.  Campbell faces charges of "racketeering, accepting bribes and evading taxes." 

This new "34-count indictment" accuses a former president and "former financial aid director, of defrauding the school [Morris Brown], the U.S. Department of Education and hundreds of students."  Both individuals have hired top Atlanta criminal defense attorneys.  And it sounds like Attorneys Drew Findling  and Ed Garland have their work cut out for them as the stories of the victims of the financial aid crisis will be compelling evidence against their clients.  To top it off, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Morris Brown, the school where these individuals worked, is cooperating in the government's  investigation.


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