Thursday, December 30, 2004

Librarian Fraud

The December 6th post spoke of a librarian accused of fraud.  The post noted how librarians and libraries are special, something that  John Ashcroft found out when he tried to enter their turf with the Patriot Act.  (Reports)

Well it looks like some librarians may be losing that "protected class" status. The Beacon Journal (AP) reports in an article titled, "Former Library Employee Pleads Guilty to Selling Ancient Texts," that "[a] former Kenyon College library supervisor has admitted stealing more than $50,000 in rare books from the school and selling them, including a 476-year-old astronomy text."  It seems that this individual, a "night supervisor at the library" "persuaded custodians and other library workers to let him into the area" where rare books were kept.  This probably became a federal case, as opposed to it being a state case, because some of the items were sold over the internet. (per Beacon Jrl AP story).   

Yes, even libraries need to protect themselves from internal fraud.  This is a far cry from being a case of an overdue book.

(esp) (With thanks to Joe Hodnicki for sending us the Beacon Jrl story).

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