Monday, December 6, 2004

Librarian Fraud

When one thinks of "librarians" the words that often come to mind are "helpful," "trustworthy," and "knowledgeable." They are a "protected class" of individuals that caused John Ashcroft grief when he tried to enter their turf.  (Reports indicated that Patriot Act advocates had to defend themselves when it was believed that "expanded powers" under the Act might have been used "to obtain records from libraries and businesses.")   

It is, therefore, quite shocking to see a librarian being accused of fraud.  According to an article in the Boston Herald titled, "Librarian Accused of Conning Bain," a librarian has been indicted for "cheating the high-powered Boston consulting firm out of $800,000" over "six years for phony research reports."  The accused faces state charges, including larceny, for allegedly setting "up a post office box for a phony publisher and ask[ing] Bain to send checks there for research reports."

Maybe the individual will be found not guilty and the librarian title will remain untarnished. If not, perhaps it could be argued that this individual is more appropriately titled a research manager. 


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