Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Lawyers, Beware of Your Clients

In this a.m.'s NYTimes is an article titled, Man Sentenced in Tax Schemes Also Releases Data on Lawyers.  Several items are of interest in what the NYTimes describes as the case of "the nation's most prominent seller of offshore banks in tax evasion schemes," being "sentenced yesterday to six months in prison by a federal judge in San Francisco." 

First is that the defendant is unhappy with the sentence, believing that the government promised him that they would argue for no jail time.  His response- I won't cooperate.  Obviously, one wonders if the government reneged on its promise?  But one also has to wonder if the government was really flipping the person at the top with no jail time to get at his clients. 

That leads to the second question - who is the government really going after in this investigation?

FInally, the article talks about a lawyer's name appearing on the documents.  The young associate says first he has no knowledge, but amends his remarks when told that his name is at the bottom of the document. 



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