Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A New Way to Pay for Law School

An AP story noted the following:

A lawyer has been convicted of using a credit card scam to pay his way through law school.

Christian Ehlers, 29, a 2001 graduate of Loyola Law School, was found guilty Tuesday of conspiracy, fraud and other federal offenses in a scam authorities said cost credit card companies $1.2 million.

Prosecutors said Ehlers and two friends obtained hundreds of cards using bogus names and Social Security numbers, rang up phony purchases on stolen store equipment, and then, posing as stores, collected reimbursement from the credit card companies.

Did he take White Collar Crime?  I've always been concerned that the course can be too much of a "how to" program.  Up until his conviction, he was an active member of the California State Bar, although that will change rather quickly. (ph)

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