Sunday, November 21, 2004

Winning the Enron Barge Trial

What did it take to get a non-guilty verdict in the Enron Barge Trial? 

Yes, of course it helps to be innocent of crimes charged, but sometimes that just isn't enough. 

In a fascinating article in the Texas Lawyer titled, "Enron Defendant Worked Alongside Attorneys to Win Acquittal," one hears the story of former Enron Corp. employee Sheila K. Kahanek who was recently acquitted in the Enron Barge Trial.  The article tells how she assisted her attorney by reviewing and analyzing all of the government documents in the case.  The article even includes a post-trial email from a juror to her attorney, Dan L. Cogdell.  She did such a good job assisting her attorney that it now looks like her future may be in trial consulting in white collar cases.   


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