Wednesday, November 17, 2004

What's New in Atlanta

While New York's Attorney General Elliot Spitzer has the insurance industry feeling some pressure, in Atlanta some ex-officials are the ones facing scrutiny -  but this time it's by the federal government.

Former Mayor Bill Campbell,  charged with "racketeering, accepting bribes and evading taxes" asked the court to dismiss two racketeering counts because prosecutors delayed in indicting him.  According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the defense motion argues that  "prosecutors waited so long to indict the former Atlanta mayor a key witness has died."

And the Atlanta Journal Constitution also reported that former state superintendent Linda Schrenko  turned herself in to face an 18 count indictment (discussed Nov. 12 & 15).  If finding herself in the paper facing indictment wasn't enough, she also made the fashion page of the paper. Facing charges that she used "$9,300 of the money to pay for cosmetic surgery" - a face-lift - her court appearance was not without comment and picture from the press .  A Scott Walton of the Atlanta Jrl. Constitution wrote how everyone was talking about Schrenko showing up in court "in a camel-hair coat with billowing marabou trim on the collar and cuffs."  Of course there was another article talking about her bankruptcy.   And in an opinion piece by Cynthia Tucker, we see the best line -  "she could start her own makeover show — 'Fashion Felonies'."

If nothing else, you have to say that the U.S. Attorney's Office in Atlanta is being even-handed in their indictments - one democrat and one republican. (esp)

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