Thursday, November 18, 2004

Government Looks at Lay's Wife

The NYTimes reported it yesterday and several newspapers are reporting today that Ken Lay's wife is under investigation for a stock sale.  The Washington Post  says  that the  investigation goes to " Linda P. Lay's sale of 500,000 Enron shares on behalf of the couple's family foundation on Nov. 28, 2001."  Defense Counsel Michael Ramsey remarked to the NYTimes that, "This is an attempt at extortion. If I tried something like this, I would be indicted."

The government has been known to investigate the spouse of someone they have indicted.    It certainly places more pressure on the parties to move to negotiate a plea (e.g. Fastow).  Is the government acting within the definition of "family values" when it  uses a child, parent, or spouse to move a case along?    Stay tuned......                                                      


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