Friday, November 19, 2004

Political Happenings Across the Country

Today's News -

New Jersey - According to Newsday, the former head of the New Jersey Assembly's ethics panel "pleaded guilty to misapplication of entrusted funds, specifically campaign money, and concealing campaign contributions."   

Illinois- Newsday AP also reports that "Prosecutors on Friday urged the judge overseeing the racketeering case against former Gov. George Ryan to set a firm trial date, complaining that additional delays could harm their case because witnesses might die before they have a chance to testify."  You may recall in the post of November 17th that former Mayor Bill Cambell of Atlanta moved to dismiss his case arguing that prosecutors waited too long in bringing the case. He claimed that a witness died.

New York - And in NY, the AP wires report "[a] former state senator who was released after serving about three months of a one-year sentence in a bribery scheme was ordered back to jail Friday."

All in one day.....   


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