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May 7, 2008

LLCs at 20: Program and Webcast

The Center for Advanced Legal Studies at Suffolk University is hosting a symposium on "Limited Liability Companies at 20", to be held on June 13.  If you can't make it to Boston, there is a free webcast, but you have to register in advance.

The program has an impressive line-up of presenters and topics:

  1. Are Courts Developing A Unique Theory 0f LLC (Or Simply Borrowing from Other Forms, and, If So, Which)? A Review of the Case Law (Prof. Elizabeth S. Miller)
  2. LLCs in the Non-Profit World (Robert R. Keatinge, Esq.*)
  3. What Single-Member LLCs Tell Us About LLC Theory (Prof. Carter G. Bishop)
  4. LLCs Should Not Wear Derivative Suits (Prof. Larry E. Ribstein)
  5. The Plight of the Bare Naked Assignee (Prof. Daniel S. Kleinberger)
  6. External Entities and Internal Aggregates through the Lens of the Charging Order (Thomas E. Rutledge, Esq.)
  7. Death of Contractualism In LLCs (Prof. Ann E. Conaway)
  8. What's in a Name? Distinguishing LLCs, Members and Managers by Designation (J. William Callison, Esq.)
  9. Should There Be A Single Theory of LLCs? If You See a Fork in the Bridge... (Prof. Thomas E. Geu)

*Although Keatinge is a visiting professor at Suffolk this year, I believe he is going to escape once the Spring semester is over, and return to practice.

Hat tip to Tom Rutledge.

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