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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Judge in Spain Orders Salvador Dalí’s Body Exhumed for Paternity Test

DaliPilar Abel, a tarot card reader, has succeeded in a Spanish court in winning a judicial order to have surrealist painter Salvador Dalí’s body exhumed for DNA testing. Abel claims that her mother had a short-lived affair with the artist in the mid-1950s. Despite her prescience in other’s lives, Abel will not mystically divine her lineage on principle; she does not look at her own cards. Dalí's work was donated to the Spanish state upon his death. It is estimated to have been worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Abel has said that if paternity is establish, she would be willing to take “whatever corresponds to me.”

See Max Bearak, Judge in Spain Orders Salvador Dalí’s Body Exhumed for Paternity Test, The Washington Post, June 26, 2017.

Special thanks to Molly Neace for bringing this article to my attention.


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I recently read an article about Dali's Case that,In July 2017, Salvador Dali’s body was exhumed from its resting place at his home Figueres, Catalonia where he was born in 1904.Dali’s trademark moustache was said to be in perfect condition and would last for centuries.61 year old Pilar Martinez,claims she is Dali’s daughter.Dali’s case isn’t unusual but the enigmatic artist and his rumoured €300 million estate helped make it headline news.A Dalie-style exhumation may be unusual but post-mortem tissue sampling is easier than ever before..

Posted by: Catherine | Sep 5, 2017 5:04:34 AM

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