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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Family Cited for Botched Attempt at Viking Funeral

ScottsThe Barstad family found themselves in a bit of trouble for a recent attempt to adhere to the last wishes of the family’s patriarch, Norman Barstad. Barstad was 92-years old when he passed away last week. His final request was simple: he wanted a full Viking burial on the water. Unbeknownst to local neighbors, fishermen, the Nevada County Health Department, or the Sheriff, the Barstad family had fully acquiesced.

According to witnesses, the Barstads drove up to Scotts Flat Lake in a Dodge truck pulling what looked to be a re-purposed pontoon. While the actual make-up of the boat varies based on witness’ accounts, the proceeding events that unfolded do not. Once the makeshift pyre reached about 200 yards into the lake, a massive explosion rocked the craft and jettisoned pieces of debris and the Barstad patriarch into the surrounding area.

A fisherman on the lake at the time of the explosion claims to have been hit by a detached finger. Sherry Smith, a resident, heard the explosion but did not come out of her home until she heard a thump on her roof. The sound on the roof was caused by a detached leg that hit her in the head after she exited her home.

As for the Barstad family, they suffer no regret. Jimmie Barstad, the family member responsible for dousing the craft with gasoline and stuffing it with illegal fireworks, said that he was proud to send his father off according to Viking tradition, despite the fine and the fact the family is still picking up pieces of Dad.

See Chip Day, Family Cited for Viking Funeral on Local Lake, Nevada County Scooper, June 2017.

Special thanks to Deborah G. Matthews for bringing this article to my attention.

Please note, this article does not come from a reliable news source. 


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Gerry, just so we're on the same page, that was satire...in the style of Andy Borowitz.
I do see that you posted it in humor and it was well written, but just making sure.

Posted by: Russell Winer | Jun 17, 2017 6:42:56 AM

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