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Friday, May 19, 2017

"Simple Song" - The Shins

DownloadThe opening scene of “Simple Song” by The Shins, features a drab, melancholy living room as the camera pans to an old, tube TV. As the TV is turned on, the father-decedent begins to deliver his last will and testament. His final disposition to his children requires them to race through the house to find the deed he has previously hidden. As the now-grown children race through the home, the ensuing scenes flashback to their childhood and eerily similar scenes of them as kids racing through the house, causing chaos, and inflicting injury to each other. The closing scene ends with the grown children finding a fake deed with their father’s voice overlaying the action. He reminds them of their terrible memories in the home and tells them that he had already planned to have the house demolished; this demolition begins while they are still in the house. The actual video can be seen here.


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