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Friday, August 8, 2014

Insuring Weddings for the "What Ifs"


Despite our uncertain economy, wedding prices are ever-increasing, with the average cost of a wedding exceeding $25,000.  With such a high price tag, the wedding insurance business has been rising recently, to protect a couple from unexpected disruptions. 

Wedding cancellation/postponement insurance covers catastrophic loss, like a venue going bankrupt or being destroyed by flood or fire.  “Issues involving the venue are among the most common of catastrophes among customers . . .  Non-venue related mishaps that can put a crimp in your day are also protected, like the limo driver being a no-show, the wedding cake flopping or the photographer’s hard drive.  These may not cause you to cancel, but they come at some cost.” 

Coverage is standard and competitively priced across the industry.  Basic cancellation/postponement coverage can start anywhere form $160 to $200 and increase depending on the cost of the wedding.  Furthermore, with unconventional spaces such as parks, museums, or estates, some venues require couples to purchase wedding liability insurance.  You can purchase the insurance up to two years before the wedding and as late as 24 hours before the day.  However, many insurers require couples purchase insurance 14days prior to the wedding to cover weather-related events. 

See Barbara Mannino, What Is Wedding Insurance? Do You Need It? Fox Business, Aug. 6, 2014. 


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