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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Plans to Move Largest Picasso Painting Results in Lawsuit

Picasso Le TricorneThe Four Seasons restaurant in New York is planning to repair a wall in the restaurant which would require moving a stage curtain containing a painting by Pablo Picasso. At 19-by-20 feet, the painting is the largest Picasso currently in the United States. Art enthusiasts and preservation groups are reacting to the planned move of the painting with public outcry, including newspaper articles, public statements, and a lawsuit. The groups opposing the move are concerned that moving the painting would damage or destroy it. The Picasso painting is owned by Landmark Conservancy, the group suing over the planned move. Those defending the move assert that the painting must be moved to make repairs and the painting’s owner cannot force the indefinite housing of the painting by the landlord.

See Jennifer Peltz, Associated Press, NYC Eatery Sued Over Plans to Move Picasso Painting, Independent Mail, April 28, 2014.


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