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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Apps to Aid Accountability


Oftentimes, the impulse behind the choices investors make is centered on their confidence—confidence in the future and around risk.  Advisors understand that managing client perception and client anxiety is an important task, but can prove to be very difficult.  However, there are tools available that can give advisors help, particularly consumer-facing programs that reps can co-opt and use to push their clients in a better direction. 

  • Stickk. Stickk lets users sign an online contract for any goal they want to meet, for example, losing weight, completing a degree, or sticking to a budget and getting out of debt.  Stickk’s premise is based on research around “commitment contracts,” which can help people achieve goals by giving them tangible incenitves.
  • Beeminder. This forces users to make a commitment to a goal and set certain progress points that must be met each week.  Falling off track requires a payment to Beeminder, which can be a powerful incentive.
  • Planwise. This app allows users to visualize how financial choices affect their bottom line.  Users enter several choices in the app, and the app projects forward to show how financial decisions today affect future savings. 

See Lauren Barack, Apps to Change Financial Behavior, WealthManagement.com, May 13, 2014. 


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