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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

L'Wren's Family Speaks at Her Funeral

L’Wren ScottAs I have previously discussed, L’Wren Scott committed suicide and left a will that left her entire $9 million dollar estate to Sir Mick Jagger.  Scott made it clear in her will that she did not want her family to receive anything from her estate. Despite Scott's choice to exclude her family from inheriting any of her estate, they spoke at her funeral and divided her ashes among the family and Mick Jagger. Her brother claims that he will bury some of the ashes in Utah. Additionally, another ceremony to commemorate Scott will be held in Utah for other family and friends to attend.

You can check out L’Wren Scott ‘s will here.

See Aly Weisman, L'Wren Scott Leaves Entire $9 Million Estate To Mick Jagger, Mysteriously Leaves Out Family, Business Insider, Mar. 27, 2014.

Special thanks to Laura Galvan (Attorney, San Antonio, Texas) for bringing this article to my attention. 


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