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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Laubenheimer’s Relatives Settle


As I have previously discussed, the relatives of Nancy Laubenheimer were trying to void her marriage after her death, alleging Joseph “Clark” McLeod secretly married Laubenheimer to inherit her $450,000 estate.

The Washington Supreme Court held that a judge does have the authority to undo a marriage after a spouse has died if there is evidence of fraud, mistake, or coercion.  A non-jury trial was set to determine this issue, but the relatives instead agreed to settle.

McLeod will get cash and liquid assets while the relatives will keep Laubenheimer’s home near Hartford.  The settlement agreement confirms the legitimacy of the marriage.

See Bruce Vielmetti, Widower, Late Wife’s Relatives Settle Case That Tried to Void Marriage, Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, March 10, 2014.


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