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Monday, March 24, 2014

"COVERING YOUR ASSets" -- New book on wealth preservation and asset protection released

CYA CoverLeonard Critcher (author, speaker, trainer, and columnist with over four decades of experience in the financial service industry) has recently published his book entitled COVERING YOUR ASSets.

Here is a description of the book:

COVERING YOUR ASSets is not about how to accumulate wealth.  It is written specifically for people who have already accumulated assets and wish to preserve and protect those assets.  It is written in a unique format that will allow you to isolate your specific life situation and read only material applicable to you. 

In the first of five sections you will learn about the building blocks of the Wealth Planning process, the Thirteen Wealth Management Issues and how their integration is crucial to an effective plan, and how to build a Wealth Planning Team. 

In the second section you can learn about “Terms, Terminologies and Other Confusing Things Meant to Impress You” and sound like a well-informed person of wealth when talking with your attorney, CPA, planner or just some know-it-all at a cocktail party.  

The third section is where you can hone in on your life situation, read a discussion of specific issues associated with where you are in life and then reference specific planning strategies and techniques covered in the fourth section.  Your quest for asset preservation and protection will begin by first finding the broad category you fall into.  The refinement process will bring you to a specific rendering of your current situation..

The 27 strategies in the fourth section are explained in simple terms and are easily understood by the layman.

The last section is a wrap-up of specific thoughts of the author that will be helpful in making what can be a daunting task much easier.


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