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Monday, February 17, 2014

Woman Mistakenly Reported as Dead


Kimberley Haman, 46, is definitely not dead and wants her bank to know it.

Haman has filed suit against Heartland Bank in St. Louis and Equifax, claiming the bank declared her dead about a year ago and the credit reporting giant passed the word along.  She alleges that even though she contacted them to say she wasn’t dead, they continued to report her as deceased.  The mistake has caused her to be blocked from refinancing her mortgage and obtaining a credit card.  Haman, a financial services supervisor, believes this experience has made it hopeless to regain her good name and the credit rating she deserves.

A recent FTC study found that 26 percent of those surveyed found at least one “potentially material” error on at least one of the three major credit bureau reports. 

See Robert Patrick, ‘Excuse Me, I’m Not Dead’ St. Louis County Woman Pleads to Her Bank, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Feb. 8, 2014.


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