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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Invitation to a Primer for Attorneys & Planners on Purposeful Trusts & Gifts in Tucson on March 5th

Purposeful Planning Institute

The following announcement is posted as a courtesy to the Purposeful Planning Institute: 

Are you looking for ways to better assist your clients in transitioning their wealth—not just their financial wealth but all of those other dimensions of a family’s wealth?  Have you noticed how energized clients get when they discover the power of an ethical will, a family legacy letter, or an expression of donor intent?  Have you considered the possibility there might be a “Better Way” to create wills and trusts than the standard forms and boilerplate used today?  What if there was a way to create legal instruments which not only satisfy what the Third Restatement of Trusts describes as a best practice for 21st century will and trust drafting but to have your clients give testimonials like this about the outcomes of their planning experience:  

When I sat down in the attorney’s conference room and read the documents my husband and I had created with the help of our planning team, I broke into tears.  These were tears of joy.  I never knew until that moment that it was possible for my yet unborn grandchildren to hear my voice through my will and to know how much we loved them and how much we wanted to make sure our financial wealth would become a positive influence in their lives—A female client, Denver, Colorado

 The Primer on Purposeful Trusts & Gifts Workshop on March 5th in Tucson is a ½ day interactive and intensive workshop designed for 10 to 16 professionals who assist clients in the design, drafting or administration of trusts. 

This workshop will teach you simple but effective ways we can make sure that the will and trust documents we produce for our clients will help create the most positive impact possible in the lives of beneficiaries and inheritors.  This experience will arm you with stories, knowledge and processes which will not only transform the way you think about the design and drafting of trusts and wills but HOW you and your clients work together to produce those estate planning documents.

 Workshop participants will be eligible for 3.5 - 4 hours of continuing professional education credits.  For more information on the Primer on Purposeful Trusts & Gifts and other workshops hosted by the Purposeful Planning Institute please visit www.purposefulplanninginstitute.com/primer or contact us at info@purposefulplanninginstitute.com


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