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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Scariest Estate Tax States


Even if you’re exempt from the federal estate tax, you may still need to worry about your state’s estate tax (if it has one).  Here are the top ten states with the scariest estate tax:

  1. New Jersey:  $675,000 exemption, 4.8%-16% rate, and inheritance tax
  2. Rhode Island: $921,655 exemption, 5.6%-16% rate
  3. Minnesota:  $1M exemption, 5.6%-16% rate
  4. Oregon: $1M exemption, 10%-16% rate
  5. Maryland: $1M exemption, 5.6%-16% rate, and inheritance tax
  6. New York: $1M exemption, 5.6%-16% rate
  7. Massachusetts: $1M exemption, 5.6%-16% rate
  8. Connecticut: $2M exemption, 7.2%-12% rate
  9. Maine: $2M exemption, 8%-12% rate
  10. Washington: $2M exemption, 15%-19% rate

See Sandra Block, 10 States with the Scariest Death Taxes, Kiplinger, Dec. 2013.


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