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Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Mike Farris Book Entitled The Bequest

ThebequestTexas Tech Law School Graduate (Class of 1983), Mike Farris, recently published a book entitled, The Bequest (2013). Patrick Davis, New York Times best selling author of The General and The Passenger describes the book as, “Another page-turning winner from Mike Farris. Once again, readers need to strap in tight as The Bequest thrusts them on a Mach 1 flight filled with white-knuckled suspense and dizzying plot twists.” Provided below is a short introduction of the book from Stairway Press:

In the wake of a series of flops, two-time Oscar-winning actress Teri Squire’s career is in a nosedive. She needs to find a great screenplay to fuel her comeback, but no working screenwriter wants to commit a masterpiece to someone who is box office poison. No one, that is, except a despondent and unproduced writer who bequeaths his last script to Teri in his will then plunges off a cliff along the Big Sur coastline of California. In desperation, Teri accepts the bequest—and discovers the script is brilliant. After turning it over to her production team, and with the hype surrounding the circumstances of the writer’s death, the movie is on target for a blockbuster opening weekend that promises to resurrect Teri’s career—until a mysterious stranger shows up at her doorstep and casts doubt on what really happened that night at Big Sur. As her comeback descends into chaos, Teri finds herself as the prime suspect in a bizarre murder.


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