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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Study Reveals that Paying for Organs is Cost Effective

StethascopeA recent study revealed that paying for kidney donations would increase the number of donated kidneys and be cost- effective. The University of Calgary in Canada conducted the study. Lianne Barnieh, the study author, was hoping to find ways to increase the number of donors. The problem highlighted by the Department of Health and Human Services asserts there are almost 100,000 people across the nation are in need of a kidney donation. Unfortunately, many people die because they never receive a transplant.


Because of the controversial nature of being paid for organs, the study focused on whether paying donors would actually be cost effective. Barnieh created a financial model based on research accounting for different costs and other factors such as improved quality of life for recipients. Using the financial model, the study revealed that paying for organs is cost effective. The savings is roughly $340 per patient.


See Amanda Woerner, Paying Kidney Donors Would be Cost-Effective, Study Shows, Fox News, Oct. 25, 2013.


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